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Our Physiotherapists provide comprehensive health care and sports injury services that are tailored to your individual needs.

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Our goal is simple: provide the best care and make a positive difference

With this clinic, we are following our dream of creating a space where practitioners and patients can thrive and be their best selves, dedicating themselves to the things in life that bring them the greatest happiness.

It is our hope that our clinic will offer you an escape from your busy lives and sports and provide a place where you can truly let go of, and heal from, pain and injuries. With our supportive atmosphere and tailored treatments, you can move through life with renewed energy and joy. Let us be your partner on the journey to better health.

About our Clinic
Our Customers

See what our happy customers have to say

Unlike many other physio clinics, you can tell they truly care about helping you.

The team at Inertia physio has single-handedly fixed me. They're extremely knowledgeable and compassionate -- providing top-notch service.

Drew and his team are pros.

I really appreciate how the physiotherapists take the time to work on you for a full 30 minutes as opposed to the typical 5-10 minutes and then 30 minutes of hot towels and other automated processes you see at other clinics.

Hands-down THE best physio I’ve ever experienced!

I feel like I owe this place so much for helping to get my life and favourite activities back and will certainly never hesitate to recommend Inertia Physio+ to everyone I know.

I cannot say enough positive, wonderful things about Sarah and the team at Inertia.

I have been seeing Sarah for a few years and she has always put me back "together" from hip replacements, to knee injuries, daily injuries from having a son who is 6ft9 and has Autism.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team.

My whole family are action sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers, competitive skiers, rugby players etc, so stuff happens!  Sarah has brought us back from numerous injuries, from the minor soft tissue damage to traumatic multiple bone break rehabilitation and everything in between.

Super warming and welcoming atmosphere, every single staff member I came in contact with were so amazing.

Great service and all of needs were addressed phenomenally. Natasha was an amazing physiotherapist. Very attentive and kind. Highly recommend

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out our FAQ's.

Why choose Inertia Physio+?

We are a Kanata and Stittsville Physiotherapy and Multi-Disciplinary clinic. Our focus is on you and how to best optimize your return to function. We understand you are busy and that finding time to focus on your health can be difficult. While you are here it is our goal to help you get the most out of your session and get you back to your busy life with improved quality as quickly as possible.In order to accomplish this goal, your appointment is spent entirely with your therapist.

We don’t want you to spend time here doing things you could easily do in the comfort of your own home. Our therapists are with you every step of the way, from the assessment focused on your specific impairment to prescribing an individual exercise program, to your private one-on-one follow-up sessions. Your time is spent with our highly specialized therapists; never assistants or students. Once your assessment or treatment is done and you are comfortable with your recovery plan, you are free to return to your day. We trust you are as motivated as we are to return you to the best version of yourself possible

Should I choose Physio or Athletic Therapy?

At our Kanata and Stittsville Physiotherapy and Multi-Disciplinary clinic, our Physio and Athletic Therapists function in much the same way. When you choose an Athletic Therapist, you will receive an aggressive therapeutic approach to minimize recovery time. You will receive in-depth instruction and advice on the use of strength and conditioning following rehabilitative exercises to ease your transition back to sport or life. You will have specialized treatment from a therapist highly trained in working with athletes and active individuals to return them to sport and life.

Our Athletic Therapist is also a Registered Kinesiologist, and as such, her services can be billed under either Athletic Therapy or Kinesiology. You may want to check any insurance plan you have for these services. Many plans will cover Physiotherapy, but not Athletic Therapy or Kinesiology, so this may be a factor in your decision. Whoever you choose, we strive to exceed your expectations for Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy in Kanata and Stittsville.

What's the difference between regular Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy Treatment?

At our Kanata and Stittsville Physiotherapy and Multi-Disciplinary clinic, you will experience manual Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy treatments, where the focus is on one-on-one care involving evidence based manual and exercise therapy, instead of the use of machines and assistants. With so many options in the Kanata and Stittsville area, know that you are receiving the highest quality care at Inertia Physio+, serving you with Registered Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy in Kanata and Stittsville.

How soon can I get an appointment?

At Inertia Physio+, we strive to be everything you need for Registered Massage Therapy, Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy in Kanata and Stittsville. We understand when pain or injuries become an emergency situation. Whether you have an important life or sporting event coming up or are in extreme pain, we will do our very best to have you seen as quickly as possible. Please use our online booking tools to either book a regular appointment or our emergency button if you feel you need to be seen sooner.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please consider filling out the online intake form before your first visit or arriving a few minutes early to fill it out at our clinic. You may also want to consider wearing or bringing mobile clothing and possibly shorts if we are looking at a lower leg injury.

What happens during my first visit?

Physio, Athletic Therapy and Kinesiology

Your Physiotherapy or Athletic Therapy experience at Inertia Physio+ will begin with an Initial Assessment. In this assessment you will have the opportunity to explain your concerns or pain to our qualified professionals in detail. We will use this information, along with our own whole body approach to observations of biomechanics and movement patterns and orthopedic testing, to determine both the cause and the nature of your pain or dysfunction. We feel it is important to find the cause and address it to eliminate it, instead of just targeting symptoms that will only provide short term relief. We will fully explain our findings to you and show you models and pictures to make all of the anatomy and physiology make sense. We will answer any questions you may have. Once the nature and cause of the injury or pain has been determined and explained, we will work with you to you formulate a treatment plan that will help you manage your pain and work towards returning to a pain free, fully functional life in accordance with your goals. Your treatment plan will include a specific-to-you exercise program, consisting of stretches and mobility and strengthening exercises as needed. It will also include recommendations for use of heat, ice, braces, and other forms of home treatment necessary on an as-needed basis. Finally, it will include recommendations on how to proceed with treatment, and what any follow up visits will entail.

Future sessions will focus on addressing causes of your dysfunction in order to decrease symptoms and restore normal pain-free function. Treatment sessions after your first assessment will primarily consist of hands-on therapy techniques and instruction for home exercise therapy and self-treatment.Some examples of treatment techniques you may receive are muscle and soft tissue release, joint mobilizations/manipulation, nerve mobilization, and progressive exercise. Each session with your therapist is individualized and designed to help you reach your specific goals.

Massage Therapy

Your first Massage Therapy appointment at Inertia Physio+ will consist of taking a brief history, followed by any necessary assessment. Our trained therapists will take the time to answer any questions you may have and to make you feel comfortable with the treatment process. They will then spend the remainder of your appointment time providing you with massage therapy treatment to treat your areas of concern.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

You do not need to provide us with a Physician’s referral to see any of our practitioners at Inertia Physio+. In order to have your appointments covered by your private health plan, your insurance company may require a referral. You may also want to check your health plan to see if it covers the service you are interested in receiving.

How should I dress?

You may want to consider wearing or bringing mobile clothing and possibly shorts if we are looking at a lower leg injury.

How long will each treatment last?

New assessments with our Physio and Athletic Therapists are about 1 hour in length and follow up visits are about 30 minutes in length. Massage Therapy visits can be booked at the length that you prefer.

Who will see me at the clinic?

You have the ability to choose from the numerous services we offer or call and speak to one of our staff to help you find the best fit for your specific pain or injury. All of our practitioners are highly educated and trained, and registered with their respective professional colleges.

Is my therapist certified/ registered?

All practitioners at Inertia Physio+ are certified and/or registered with their respective professional associations and colleges.

Are treatments painful?

Treatments can be painful, but they don’t have to be. Our therapists are trained in a variety of techniques, some of which are more painful than others. They will always take the time to communicate with you throughout your treatment and ensure that you are comfortable with the level of pain if any.

Who pays for the treatment?

Ultimately, the patient is responsible for payment of their own account. However, whenever possible, we would be happy to provide you the service of direct billing to your insurance company. This service is based on the insurance company and the service that you are receiving. We are also happy to do direct billing to Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance and Blue Cross for Veterans Affairs of Canada, RCMP and Canadian Forces as able.

What do I need to do after my treatments?

Your therapist will give you guidance in post-treatment care. Sometimes heat or ice is recommended. Quite often exercises are prescribed and postural and lifestyle or sport alignment work is required.

What happens if my pain returns?

We would be happy to help you with this. We strive to have all of our patients leave us in an injury-free state, armed with the tools to continue to maintain this state. Occasionally, relapses occur or new layers to the injury develop. Should you encounter any problems following your discharge by our therapists, please give us a call or book a tune up visit to discuss concerns and develop a new plan to stay in good health.

Do you offer direct billing?

At Inertia Physio+ we strive to provide you with exceptional service while keeping your treatment affordable and manageable. Many patients ask about Direct Billing, so they can avoid or reduce out of pocket expenses.

We do offer direct billing for Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy services. In this way, we are able to submit a request for payment directly to the insurance company. If you have 100% coverage, you will not have to pay anything upfront, as we will collect the whole amount owing from your insurance company. If you have less than 100% coverage, you will only have to pay the remaining balance. For your convenience, our efficient front desk team can administer this while you are with your therapist for your treatment, leaving you free to get back to your day.We will do direct billing to your insurance company, if your plan supports it. Here is a current list of insurance companies that will allow direct billing:

• Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
• Claims Secure
• Cowan
• Desjardins Insurance
• First Canadian
• Great-West Life
• GroupSource
• Industrial Alliance
• Johnson Inc.
• Johnston Group Inc.
• Manion
• Manulife Financial
• Maximum Benefit
• Sunlife Financial

We also offer direct billing to Blue Cross for Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP. Finally, we offer direct billing to your Motor Vehicle Accident insurance company for Motor Vehicle Accident injuries. Please contact us to check if your plan supports direct billing.

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