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First Visits

What to Expect on Your First Visit

For Physio, Athletic Therapy & Kinesiology

Your Physiotherapy or Athletic Therapy experience at Inertia Physio+ will begin with an Initial Assessment. In this assessment you will have the opportunity to explain your concerns or pain to our qualified professionals in detail. We will use this information, along with our own whole body approach to observations of biomechanics and movement patterns and orthopedic testing, to determine both the cause and the nature of your pain or dysfunction.

We feel it is important to find the cause and address it to eliminate it, instead of just targeting symptoms that will only provide short term relief. We will fully explain our findings to you and show you models and pictures to make all of the anatomy and physiology make sense. We will answer any questions you may have. Once the nature and cause of the injury or pain has been determined and explained, we will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that will help you manage your pain and work towards returning to a pain free, fully functional life in accordance with your goals.

Your treatment plan will include a specific-to-you exercise program, consisting of stretches and mobility and strengthening exercises as needed. It will also include recommendations for use of heat, ice, braces, and other forms of home treatment necessary on an as-needed basis. Finally, it will include recommendations on how to proceed with treatment, and what any follow up visits will entail.

Future sessions will focus on addressing causes of your dysfunction in order to decrease symptoms and restore normal pain-free function. Treatment sessions after your first assessment will primarily consist of hands-on therapy techniques and instruction for home exercise therapy and self-treatment.Some examples of treatment techniques you may receive are muscle and soft tissue release, joint mobilizations/manipulation, nerve mobilization, and progressive exercise. Each session with your therapist is individualized and designed to help you reach your specific goals.

For Massage Therapy

Your first Massage Therapy appointment at Inertia Physio+ will consist of taking a brief history, followed by any necessary assessment.

Our trained therapists will take the time to answer any questions you may have and to make you feel comfortable with the treatment process. They will then spend the remainder of your appointment time providing you with massage therapy treatment to treat your areas of concern.

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