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Telehealth Virtual Assessment and Treatment

Access our expert care from the comfort of your home with our telehealth services.

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer you virtual Telehealth appointments for Assessment and Treatment with our Physio and Athletic Therapists.  In this way, you can receive the excellent care you need from the comfort of your own home! This service opens up so many possibilities, allowing you to work towards your recovery or health and wellness goals from anywhere in Ontario without barriers.

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Why Choose to Do a Virtual Appointment?

Anyone who would typically see a Physiotherapist, Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist in our clinic would benefit from a virtual telehealth session.  Our practitioners can draw on the same knowledge and experience they use clinically, to help you virtually through both assessment and treatment.

Assessment will be done in the same way as usual. We will listen to your concerns, and ask the right questions to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanism for injury.  We will observe your range of motion, strength/stability, posture, gait, functional movements and movement patterns.  Assessment can also be done on your function and adaptation to your home environment and/home office space as needed.  We are able to analyze all of this subjective and objective information to determine the nature and cause of your concerns even over video consultation.

We are then able to provide the most effective treatment strategies to help you heal and recover and regain normal, healthy functioning that allows you to return to your full life in a pain free way. Treatment will include many familiar items such as education, advice, reassurance, movement/postural modification, home exercise prescription and add an extra emphasis on self treatment at home.  Our caring and knowledgeable practitioners are passionate about empowering you with strategies to manage your pain and allow complete recovery. You may be able to use nothing other than some floor space or things you already have at home, such as heat or cold applications, tennis balls, towels and other home based items.  You, or a willing family member, may be coached in self-administering self release techniques such as soft tissue massage, assisted stretching or frictions.  If braces or other supports are required, we can help you self-measure and order these to your door.

We are confident that our quality of care will be seamless even in the absence of hands-on therapy.  If you have pain or dysfunction from past or new injuries or any other health or wellness concerns, our virtual platform is a great place to address those with our Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists and Kinesiologists.

However, if you feel your situation warrants emergency in-clinic care, you can start with a virtual sessions to discuss your needs with us or contact us directly to discuss your situation.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Virtually?

Any condition for which you would normally seek treatment clinically from your Physiotherapist, Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist can be treated virtually.  We have treated many different forms of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction with much success through virtual appointments.  Many patients are expressing that the reassurance we are able to offer is helping tremendously, by putting their minds at ease.

If you or your therapist feel that you need hands-on treatment in the clinic, that can be discussed. Your health and wellness is always our number one concern and as such, we will be sure to communicate openly with you about the best treatment options for you.

What Does a Virtual Telehealth Appointment Look Like?

All Telehealth appointments can be made using our usual online booking site.  You will receive a new online intake form that is specific to the Telehealth appointments.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would fill this out prior to your first virtual session. You will also receive information by email on how to login to your session. At your appointment time, you will connect with your therapist through our completely secure and private video conferencing platform.  You will then be able to see your therapist and have them see you, so that your therapist can observe your condition and movements and then demonstrate their recommendations for you.

Your Physiotherapist, Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist will assess and treat as indicated above and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  You will work collaboratively to create a clear plan with goals and strategies that will accomplish them. You will build a home treatment and exercise program that will address your specific concerns. Your therapist will provide you with the program and any notes they have for you and will be available for follow up questions or future virtual sessions to build on the program.

How Do I Prepare For My Telehealth Appointment?

The main thing you will need for your virtual session is a device such as a computer, tablet or smart phone with video and audio capabilities that can connect to the internet.  You will want to make sure that you read all instructions that come to you by email prior to your appointment so you are able to join the session without any issues.  If this is your first virtual appointment, there will also be an intake form to complete.

You will want to set yourself up in a space that gives you room to show movements and do exercises in a variety of positions including sitting, standing, laying on the floor, or against a wall in your home.  Loose and comfortable clothes are recommended.  You may want to prepare any equipment that you have such as a tennis or lacrosse ball, foam roller and theraband.

Are Virtual Sessions Covered?

In most cases, yes! Following the COVID-19 pandemic, most if not all insurance companies quickly determined the need for virtual care and updated their policies to ensure it was covered. We highly recommend you check with your specific provider before your appointment to confirm.  We are still able to provide the Direct Billing service for Telehealth appointments that we normally provide.

How Do I Pay?

We can do Direct Billing to your insurance company if it allows it.  We can also send you a link for secure online credit care payments offered through Payfirma. Finally we can accept e-mail transfers at the e-mail address:

Are They Secure and Private?

They absolutely are both secure and private.  Our usual software program, Jane, has moved quickly in this time of need to provide a safe and secure video conferencing platform to all of our patients.  This platform is PIPEDA and PHIPA compliant.  It meets the standards for health privacy in Canada and Ontario.

Current Offer

We know that this is a tough time for everyone.  We want to be here to support you and make this absence of regular in-clinic therapy as easy as possible on you.  We are offering our Telehealth services at reduced rates from regular sessions and we are also offering a shorter 15 minute follow up appointment as an option.  These can all be found on our Online Booking site.  Rest assured that despite the absence of the hands-on therapy that we are known for, we will make every effort to ensure you receive the same quality of care that you are used to with Inertia Physio+.  We are actually finding that we take even more time and provide you with more written details and online resources to ensure you receive the same care you are used to in this new platform.

Emergency In-Clinic Services

We are an essential service and as such are able to provide you with Emergency Care that is considered essential.  A service is considered essential if the patient’s/client’s health or function would considerably decline if service is not provided.  The idea behind recent directives is to minimize strain on the healthcare system so that other care is prioritized and to keep people safe from exposure at their doctor’s offices or emergency rooms in their search for medication or other help.  Therefore, in order to be seen on emergency care basis: You must be experiencing a sudden and debilitating change in functional abilities or significant restrictions in your activities of daily living. We will be practicing physical distancing in any way possible, including avoiding unnecessary contact, minimizing in-clinic care to include only one patient and one therapist at a time including time in between patients to ensure no cross over and time to properly disinfect.  As always, we are here for you and are ready to support you and your health in any way we can.  If you have questions about your ongoing care or how you can be helping yourselves at home, questions regarding the clinic in general, or feel you need emergency attention based on your stage of treatment, please contact us.

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Unlike many other physio clinics, you can tell they truly care about helping you.

The team at Inertia physio has single-handedly fixed me. They're extremely knowledgeable and compassionate -- providing top-notch service.

Drew and his team are pros.

I really appreciate how the physiotherapists take the time to work on you for a full 30 minutes as opposed to the typical 5-10 minutes and then 30 minutes of hot towels and other automated processes you see at other clinics.

Hands-down THE best physio I’ve ever experienced!

I feel like I owe this place so much for helping to get my life and favourite activities back and will certainly never hesitate to recommend Inertia Physio+ to everyone I know.

I cannot say enough positive, wonderful things about Sarah and the team at Inertia.

I have been seeing Sarah for a few years and she has always put me back "together" from hip replacements, to knee injuries, daily injuries from having a son who is 6ft9 and has Autism.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team.

My whole family are action sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers, competitive skiers, rugby players etc, so stuff happens!  Sarah has brought us back from numerous injuries, from the minor soft tissue damage to traumatic multiple bone break rehabilitation and everything in between.

Super warming and welcoming atmosphere, every single staff member I came in contact with were so amazing.

Great service and all of needs were addressed phenomenally. Natasha was an amazing physiotherapist. Very attentive and kind. Highly recommend

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