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Deep Tissue Massage in Kanata & Stittsville

Release deep-seated tension and reduce muscle pain with a deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy uses deep pressure, which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  It focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia, which is the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints.  It relieves chronic pain and tension from posture habits and inactivity while sitting at a desk, as well as from being active in sports or workouts. It can help you feel better and get, or keep, you moving in a functional way.  It does this by elongating tissues, increasing blood flow to them and increasing their elasticity.  

In the human body, pain from injury or dysfunction will cause tension, and tension causes pain.  The pain/tension cycle can easily become a vicious one, where one continues to cause the other.  Deep Tissue Massage can release the tension, thereby breaking this cycle.  As noted above, it can also increase circulation, which allows blood, oxygen and cell nutrition to flow more freely through the body.  Improved circulation can have a positive effect on lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce inflammation and water retention in the body, leading to increased body mobility and decreased pain.  Deep Tissue Massage can provide a non-painful stimulus which can travel through your nervous system to your brain faster than painful stimulus can.  When it reaches the brain first, the non-painful stimulus of massage is able to close the gates to the perception of pain by the brain.  This can provide a break in pain and also break the pain/tension cycle.  

Deep Tissue Massage, unlike relaxation massage targets all layers of the muscle tissue.  It relieves trigger points or areas of increased tension in the muscle.  It also works to break down scar tissue.  Scar tissue is our body’s response to injury.  Scar tissue consists of tiny fibres of tissue that are laid down in no particular pattern (picture a haystack) in order to provide some healing or a “band-aid” to injured tissue. Over time as scar tissue is created, it becomes more and more adhered to the surrounding tissue, causing restrictions in mobility and inefficient functionality of the tissue.  Deep Tissue Massage targets not only the muscle but this scar tissue as well. It breaks down the adhesions and releases the fibres, allowing them to properly align with the direction of muscle fibres, restoring function.  Therefore, Deep Tissue Massage can be extremely beneficial to recovery from surgery and other injuries involving tissue damage.  

Deep Tissue Massage provides deep muscle and body relaxation to relieve tension, stress, and pressure within the body and mind. It can also affect the endocrine system and the release of hormones that affect the body.  Most notably, Deep Tissue Massage can lower Cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and increase Serotonin, (well-being and happiness hormone) levels leaving you feeling relaxed and happy.  

Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits, and while it may cause some discomfort both during and after treatment, the healing process is beneficial in the long term.  In order to minimize any negative effects, we highly recommend that you communicate consistently with your therapist about how the pressure feels.  We also recommend that you drink plenty of water before and after your treatment to allow the flushing of toxins released from your cells and tissues during the treatment.  We also recommend following up your treatment with a warm Epsom salts bath and possibly the use of cold therapy on any areas of pain.  

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Unlike many other physio clinics, you can tell they truly care about helping you.

The team at Inertia physio has single-handedly fixed me. They're extremely knowledgeable and compassionate -- providing top-notch service.

Drew and his team are pros.

I really appreciate how the physiotherapists take the time to work on you for a full 30 minutes as opposed to the typical 5-10 minutes and then 30 minutes of hot towels and other automated processes you see at other clinics.

Hands-down THE best physio I’ve ever experienced!

I feel like I owe this place so much for helping to get my life and favourite activities back and will certainly never hesitate to recommend Inertia Physio+ to everyone I know.

I cannot say enough positive, wonderful things about Sarah and the team at Inertia.

I have been seeing Sarah for a few years and she has always put me back "together" from hip replacements, to knee injuries, daily injuries from having a son who is 6ft9 and has Autism.

I highly recommend Sarah and her team.

My whole family are action sports enthusiasts, mountain bikers, competitive skiers, rugby players etc, so stuff happens!  Sarah has brought us back from numerous injuries, from the minor soft tissue damage to traumatic multiple bone break rehabilitation and everything in between.

Super warming and welcoming atmosphere, every single staff member I came in contact with were so amazing.

Great service and all of needs were addressed phenomenally. Natasha was an amazing physiotherapist. Very attentive and kind. Highly recommend

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