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Pediatric Conditions Physiotherapy: Symptoms & Treatment

Pediatric physiotherapy plays a crucial role in managing various conditions affecting children's musculoskeletal, neurological, and respiratory systems. With early intervention and individualized treatment plans, physiotherapists can help children achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life

Some common pediatric conditions treated include:

  • Sports Injuries & General Orthopedic Conditions, including Post-Concussion syndromes, Dizziness, and Vertigo
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental Delay/Gross motor development delays
  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
  • Hypotonia

At Inertia Physio+, we regularly work with children or young adults, who have orthopedic injuries sustained through sports or general activity.  We are confident we can help your child work through any injury to their joints or soft tissues.  Your Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist can fully assess your child for range of motion, strength, movement patterns and dysfunction and provide a treatment plan that includes manual therapy, exercise therapy and education for home/self treatment.  Registered Massage Therapy can also be a huge benefit to children whose soft tissues are constantly trying to keep up to the rate of growth of their skeletons.

Physiotherapists have specialized training in a variety Pediatric Conditions, and we want to assure you we have the most specialized care possible for your child’s condition and/or your concerns.  We, therefore, invite you to reach out to us to ask about your specific case.  We will check with our Physiotherapists to determine who can provide the best possible treatment for your child. If need be, we will refer you to a local Pediatric Physiotherapist, who may be better suited to help.

As with all injuries, this information is simply a guide, and it is always best to check in with a Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist to have a personalized assessment and hear recommendations for what you and your body may specifically need.

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Inertia Physio+ offers Kanata and Stittsville exceptional Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy and Registered Massage Therapy with private treatment rooms, one on one care, a maximum of two patients per hour and treatment focused on the evidence-based practices of manual and exercise therapy. Don’t suffer any longer.  If you have pain or injury, our Kanata and Stittsville Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy, and Registered Massage Therapy team is here to help you get back to living pain-free life and activities.  Please reach out to us at (613) 672-2200 or for an appointment today! You are also welcome to book online. We also offer direct billing on Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy services whenever your plan allows.


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