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Pre and Post Surgery Physiotherapy: Symptoms & Treatment

Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation is crucial for improving the outcomes of surgery and aiding in the recovery process. Proper physiotherapy interventions can help reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve overall function and quality of life.

When you require surgery, the only thing more important than proper rehabilitation after the surgery is proper preparation before the surgery. The better condition you are in going into surgery, the easier your recovery will be following the surgery.

Pre-surgical preparation includes keeping your range of motion as full as possible and the muscles and joints around your injury as strong and mobile as possible.  Your Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist can help you achieve these things through hands-on therapy and exercises that can be done leading up to the surgery.

Following surgery, you will find that it takes your body time and an optimal situation in order to heal well and fully.  Swelling will be evident and your surgical scar will need to heal.  Post-surgical rehabilitation will include working on range of motion and muscle activation as quickly as possible.  Once the scar has healed, scar mobilization can begin.  As your body progresses through the phases of healing, your Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist can help guide through the phases of exercise rehabilitation and provide manual therapy to assist in recovery and rehabilitation.  This will include therapy and exercises to increase range of motion, restore normal joint mobility and soft tissue tension and increase your strength and function.  Restoring optimal movement patterns, posture and function will be keys to returning you to your normal active lifestyle.

Massage Therapy can be a great addition post-surgically as well.  Massage Therapy can help reduce muscle tension and scar adhesions after a surgery.  Both of these things can help speed up your recovery process.

As with all injuries, this information is simply a guide, and it is always best to check in with a Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist to have a personalized assessment and hear recommendations for what you and your body may specifically need.

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