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Sports Injuries Physiotherapy: Symptoms & Treatment

Sports injuries are a common occurrence among athletes, with factors such as overuse, inadequate conditioning, and poor technique contributing to their development. Physiotherapy interventions, such as manual therapy, exercise prescription, and education, can effectively manage and prevent sports injuries, allowing athletes to return to their sport quickly and safely.

Sports injuries can fall into one of two categories. They can either be acute traumatic injuries or chronic overuse injuries. Examples of acute injuries would be ligament sprains, muscle strains or bone fractures from falls or collisions. Examples of chronic overuse injuries are tendonitis, chronic muscle strains or stress fractures from repetitive sport activities like throwing.

Sports injuries can occur as a result of insufficient warm ups and stretching. Without a proper warm up, the body cannot be properly prepared for the strenuous activities involved in training and competing. Insufficient training for new skills or new levels of training may also lead to injuries. Poor technique or training practices or faulty equipment can also lead to injuries.

Your Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist can treat sports injuries and they can also provide you with suggestions regarding injury prevention. Many athletes will seek Sports Physiotherapy or Athletic Therapy to enhance their athletic performance and to keep their bodies in excellent condition to avoid and minimize any injuries from occurring. If injuries do occur, our Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists can fully assess them to determine the nature and cause of the injury, including what aspects of the sport or training are factors in the injury. From there, they can determine the best methods for treating the injury, generally involving some level of joint mobilization, soft tissue release, range of motion and exercises for flexibility, balance and strength. The goal is to remove the cause of the injury, allow the injury to heal and create a situation where the body is capable of even higher levels of performance and decreased chance of future injury.

As with all injuries, this information is simply a guide, and it is always best to check in with a Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist to have a personalized assessment and hear recommendations for what you and your body may specifically need.

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